Insurance for learning difficulty service providers

How can our learning difficulty insurance experts help

Insurance is just one way our team can support you and your business.

It’s our job to manage your risks to protect your business, your staff and the people you care for.

  • Simplicity - We understand the pressure you’re under every day and do everything we can to ensure your insurance options are presented simply, expertly, and impartially.
  • Experience - Recognising every learning difficulty provider is unique; our healthcare team offers a wealth of experience, takes a long-term view, and tailors your solution to your specific needs.
  • Protection - We do our due diligence upfront, and extensive work behind the scenes with our panel of insurers, to ensure the learning difficulty liability insurance you have in place is just right for you.

Our healthcare insurance advisors

Our team has decades of experience in the healthcare sector. We recognise every business is unique, and offer our advice and guidance to help you protect your complex world.

We offer a range of services to help you reduce risk, and adapt to your ever-changing world so you are able to focus on your business.

Insurance for learning disability service providers

Our team works with speciality insurers to provide leading solutions for learning difficulty service providers, helping protect their reputation, tackle everyday challenges, and remain compliant. We service a wide range of learning difficulty support services, including hospitals, inpatient and outpatient services.

  • Care homes
    Cover across all aspects of residential care. Services for all ages from children to elderly.
  • Supported living
    For providers of respite care services, home help, supported housing, supported housing with care and day care services.
  • Rehabilitation
    Facilities providing treatment for addictions such as drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Specialist community services
    Providers offering specialist learning difficulty services for people of all ages.

What our learning difficulty liability insurance covers

In a standard insurance policy, you’ll be covered for:

  • Public and products liability
  • Professional liability including medical malpractice
  • Management liability (executive liability)

Governing bodies

We are here when you need us. We're dedicated to ensuring our care home insurance products and services keep up with the pace of change. You can be confident any insurance we arrange for you will fully meet the requirements of the following bodies:

Care Quality Commission in England (CQC).
Regulation Quality Improvement Authority in Ireland (RQIA).
Care and Social Services Inspectorate in Wales (CSSIW).
Care Inspectorate (CI) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

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Frequently asked questions

Does my business need employers liability insurance?
Yes. Under the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act, if your company employs staff, you are required by law to have employers liability insurance in place. This insurance will enable you to meet the cost of any compensation due should an employee suffer injuries or illness, whether they are caused on or off-site.
When do I need to get employers liability cover for my business?
You require employers liability cover from the day your care business starts employing staff. From the moment you have any person to whom you are responsible, whether paid or not, you are at risk of legal action. To qualify as "staff" a person does not have to be paid or under contract to you. It includes any person to whom you have a legal duty of care. This means that sometimes even sole traders will need employers liability insurance.
What is the minimum cover I need to have in place for my business?
The level of cover you need will depend on many factors. We would need to assess your business and the risks it faces, then make recommendations. Other influences that can dictate how much cover you need are the types of people you care for, local authority requirements to meet your contract terms and any previous insurance claims you have made. In larger organisations, or where several employees are in one location, we'd recommend increased limits of cover are arranged. 
As an employer, you're legally required to have employers liability cover for compensation of at least £5 million, but most policies will offer cover for £10 million.
How much public liability insurance will I need?
The level of cover you need depends on the risks your practice faces. Cover can be anywhere from £2m to £10m or beyond. The patients you deal with, or local authority contracts you have tendered for may dictate the minimum value of cover you need.