Foster Care Agency Insurance

How can we help your foster care agency? 

Insurance is just one way our team can support you and your business.
It’s our job to manage your risks to protect your business, your staff, and the people you care for.

  • Simplicity
    We understand the pressure you’re under every day and do everything we can to ensure your insurance options are presented simply, expertly, and impartially.
  • Experience
    Recognising every care provider is unique; our care team offers a wealth of experience, takes a long-term view, and tailors your solution to your specific needs.
  • Protection
    We do our due diligence upfront, and a huge amount of work behind the scenes with our panel of insurers, to ensure the cover you have in place is just right for you.

Our health and care advisers

Our care team has decades of experience in the care sector. We recognise every business is unique, and offer our advice and guidance to help you protect your complex world.

We offer a range of services to help you reduce risk and adapt to your ever-changing world, so you can provide amazing experiences to your clients.

Foster care agency insurance

Foster care agencies deal with a large variety of risks from responsibilities around the safeguarding of children, to employee security and data protection. Foster care agencies are becoming increasingly accountable for children in care making it more important than ever to make sure your insurance cover is robust.

The FosterGuard package is designed especially for foster care agencies, giving you reassurance that your business and staff are protected.

The standard policy includes:

  • Office insurance for contents, computer equipment and business interruption.
  • Employers and public/products liability.
  • Professional indemnity and medical malpractice.
  • Wilful damage – cover for damage caused by children to any property whilst under care.
  • Abuse - £5 million limit as standard.
  • Cyber liability.
  • Management liability (directors and officers insurance).
  • Commercial legal expenses.

Cyber liability

Cyber security in the health and care industry has been a growing concern over the past few years. We can advise on a solution for your business.

Corporate legal liability

This covers your company for defence costs and awards associated with a number of events including breach of data protection, health and safety, maladministration of a company pension or other regulatory claims.

Management liability

An individual pursuing legal action could put a company director at risk of being held personally liable – putting their livelihood at risk.

Employment practice liability

This covers your company against defence costs and awards of claims arising, for example, from allegations of sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal by employees.

Frequently asked questions

Does my business need employers liability insurance?
Yes. Under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969, all organisations that have staff require by law to have employers liability insurance. If one of your employees suffers an injury or an illness that they believe is a result of their work – they may try to claim compensation.
When do I need to get employers liability cover for my business?
You require employers liability cover from the day your care business starts employing staff. From the moment you have any person to whom you are responsible, whether paid or not, you are at risk of legal action. To qualify as "staff" a person does not have to be paid or under contract to you. It includes any person to whom you have a legal duty of care. This means that sometimes even sole traders will need employers liability insurance.
What is the minimum cover I need to have in place for my business?
The level of cover required is dependent on many factors and we would need to assess the requirements of the business and make recommendations based on the information provided. There are also other factors that can dictate the level of cover needed, such as the types of people you are caring for or local authority requirements to meet the terms of the contract.
How much public liability insurance will I need?
The level of cover you need is related to the amount of risk faced by your business. Cover can be anywhere from £2 million to £10 million or beyond. The minimum value could be dictated by the clients you work with, or local authority contracts you have tendered for.

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