Direct Care Insurance

Insurance for those employing carers in their home

The direct care product has been designed for individuals who employ personal assistants or carers under the UK Government Initiative Scheme, receive direct payments, personalisation or individual budgets or privately fund the employment of carers or personal assistants.

If you employ home help, we offer three levels of cover ‒ all available to buy online today. Prices include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current standard rate.

Read an important policy exclusion you need to be aware of.

Bronze £62.50 (annually)

  • Employers liability insurance,
  • Public liability insurance,

Silver £78.50 (annually)
Everything from the Bronze package, plus:

  • Legal expenses,

Gold £88.50 (annually)
Everything from the Silver package, plus:

  • Personal accident.


    Buy or renew your insurance online

    For advice on what level of cover you need, call our care team on 0113 350 8712.

    To buy online, select the level of cover below:

    Which cover is right for you?

    Employers liability insurance

    • Up to £20 million per claim, if you are found to be legally responsible for an injury your carer or personal assistant incurs, whilst working for you

    Public liability insurance

    • Up to £5 million per claim if you, or your carer or personal assistant, are held legally liable for the injury or death of another person or damage to their property

    If this cover suits your requirements, select the Bronze Package for £62.50 annually.

    Legal expenses 

    • If you enter into a dispute with your carer or personal assistant, you may need professional advice and possibly legal representation, particularly if the dispute went as far as industrial tribunal. Our Silver and Gold Packages include up to £100,000 of legal expenses which cover policyholders against the potential costs of legal action brought by or against them.

    If you would like to upgrade your cover to include legal expenses, select the Silver Package for £78.50 annually.

    Personal accident

    If you are less than 90 years old, you can select cover for personal accident as part of our Gold Package. If you, or your carer or personal assistant suffers an accident whilst in the course of employment, the cover provides the following benefits:

    • £10,000 in the event of death.
    • Up to £10,000 in the event of permanent loss of sight or limbs.
    • £500 fracture benefit.

    For the Gold Standard protection, including all of the cover above plus personal accident, select the Gold Package for £88.50 annually.

    Read an important policy exclusion you should be aware of.


    Renew your cover online

    If you're already a client and ready to review your policy, follow the link below to login.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to provide the carer’s details? 
    No. We don’t need to know who cares for you to take out a Direct Care insurance policy.
    Who’s name does the policy need to be under? 
    The policy needs to be in the name of the person responsible for directing the carers in their duties, and arranging the carers pay and tax. This can be the care recipient, a parent, a guardian, other relative or trust. Please note we may ask for a power of attorney or list of trustees to be provided to effectively manage the policy.
    Do our carers need insurance as well? 
    Carers also need to make sure they have insurance in place to cover any claims that are made against them personally. It is therefore advisable that your carer has their own public liability policy to protect themselves. We can also provide individual carers insurance for your carers via our website, or they can call us on 0113 350 8712.

    Will the policy cover me if I have a slip/fall or an accident? 
    The personal accident cover (Gold Package only) must be selected to provide cover for an accident and this depends on the circumstances and injury. Please refer to the policy wording for the full table of benefits and exclusions. There is also an age limit of 90 years. 
    My policy is due to renew. Do I need to do anything?
    Yes. Your policy will not automatically renew. We will write to you or email you 30 days prior to your renewal date advising you of your renewal. We do not hold bank details or card details so we cannot automatically take payment to renew your policy. You must confirm to us that you want your policy to renew. Payment must be made prior to the renewal date either online, over the phone ,or by bank transfer. You should not assume your policy has renewed until you have received confirmation in writing by us. If you are concerned that your policy has not renewed, please call us on 0113 350 8712.
    It's passed my renewal date. Can I still renew the policy?
    No. Once your renewal date has passed you will need to purchase a new Gold, Silver or Bronze package policy. This can be done online or over the phone. If you experience problems taking out a new policy online, please let us know. If you do not renew your policy in time you will have a gap in cover. This means should a claim arise for the time you did not have insurance in place, the claim would not be covered. 
    I've taken out a policy but no longer need it. Can I cancel the policy?
    The Direct Care policy can be cancelled within 14 days of taking out or renewing the policy and a full refund will be given in this time as long as no claims have been notified or made on the policy. A refund would be available after 14 days of taking out or renewing a policy, subject to the agreement from the insurer, Zurich Insurance Plc. and the days and time the policy has been in place being paid for.
    A third party is responsible for looking after my funding and paying the insurance premium. Can I still take out a policy?
    Yes. Setting up a policy online requires payment at the time of inception, in order for us to invoice your payment group please call us on 0113 350 8712 to set up the policy.

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