Business loan solution

Why our business loan solution?

Even small changes to your business can mean you need quick access to finance to help meet your funding needs. Traditional lenders often take more than a month to reach a decision, where non-bank funders are able to reach decisions in much shorter times, sometimes within hours [1].

If you’re an early stage business, access to finance can be challenging. 75% of newer businesses find their applications are rejected [2], traditional lenders appetite for lending in certain sectors is changeable. 

  • Simple and safe
    You provide basic information and in less than a couple of minutes, you’re able to search the database for the right business loan solution. Security is a priority, state-of-the-art encryption and password protection ensures a safe experience.
  • One place to search, one place to find
    With a broad selection of finance providers, from high street banks to alternative funders, represented on Funder Finder, you are giving yourself the best chance of finding the right finance. 
  • Free and fair
    Funder Finder is free for SMEs. Funders can’t buy their way to the top of our rankings. The Funder Finder algorithm sorts through the information you give us and matches it to the information they give us.

How our business loans can help

We’re able to help you find a business loan to meet your needs and reduce the time that it takes, with the simple, safe and free Funder Finder for SMEs. You can get started by going to the website below, where you don’t have to make multiple applications which could damage your credit rating.

[1] Funder Finder has secured loan financing in under 24 hours

[2] SME finance monitor

Key features

  1. The unique Funder Finder engine matches the funder to the SME, whilst ensuring the business loan is suitable for your requirements.
  2. A dynamic traffic light system, with over 120 finance providers and over 145 finance products, ensures a comprehensive selection of funders.
  3. We don’t add commission, customers pay no more using the Alternative Business Funding Funder Finder than if they approached a funder directly.
  4. Our suitability matcher and varied product selection offers customers a simple and efficient view of the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of funding do you offer?
Alternative Business Funding do not directly provide funding to businesses. The Funder Finder platform matches business owners with funders, by looking at the profile of the business, the profile of the funder and the suitability of the business loan offered.
What is a personal guarantee?
A personal guarantee is an unsecured written promise from a business owner and/or business executive, guaranteeing payment on a finance agreement or facility, in the event the business does not pay. Since it is unsecured, a personal guarantee is not tied to a specific asset. However, in the event of non-payment, a lender can go after the guarantor’s personal assets.
Will I be credit checked?
Your journey through the alternative business funding platform is completely safe. You will not be credit checked and both your personal and business credit profiles will not be affected. With alternative business funding you remain in control of your credit profile throughout.

You can make multiple funder selections safe in the knowledge that these enquiries will not impact your ability to obtain credit in the future. At the point in which you make a full application for finance with a funder, your credit will be checked; you remain in control of this process throughout.
Do you offer start-up funding?
Yes, several of our panel of funders will consider start-up businesses. Generally this will be up to a £25,000 limit; there are instances where more funds may be available as long as there are assets that may be used as security.
Can you provide funding for non UK companies?
No. However, we have funders who will fund a business with a foreign parent company, as long as the borrowing business is based in the UK.
How does the Funder Finder generate income?
The Funder Finder platform is free to use by SMEs researching their funding options. Funder Finder allows the SME to contact multiple funders, to confirm whether they think that there would be a good match. If a funding application is successful, we may receive a fee or commission by the funder. There is no use or transaction fee levied to any SME user.