Firearms Insurance

Firearms insurance

Why do you need firearms insurance?

As a responsible owner of a firearm, you may wish to cover yourself against any mishaps that may occur whilst using your guns and cover yourself against damage to property or bodily injury to any person.

We provide specific firearms insurance policies for firearm, shotgun and airgun owners to protect against the risks that are often linked with firearms including personal liability and personal accident cover. 

Please note: From 1 May 2021 we will cease to accept new business for our Gunsure scheme and renewal terms will not be offered for renewals on or after 1 May 2021.

How our team can help you

Our team is here to support existing clients with policy advice and claims until renewal.

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Firearms insurance, what's included?

Please note: From 1 May 2021, we will cease to accept new business for the Gunsure scheme and renewal terms will not be offered for renewals on or after 1 May 2021.

The scheme is for firearm, airgun and shotgun owners that hold a valid shotgun and/or firearm certificate, where required by law and who are residents in the UK. You can benefit from worldwide ‘new for old’ cover for loss of, or damage to your sporting guns and associated accessories, as well as:

  • Personal liability with an automatic £5 million limit of indemnity that applies over and above your shooting organisation membership cover
  • Personal accident cover with a benefit of £20,000 that will be paid in the event of accidental death or loss of one or more limbs or eyes by accident at any time whilst shooting
  • Personal shooting effects cover worldwide, including your clothing, boots and accessories up to £500
  • The highest levels of customer service from our experienced outdoor pursuits insurance team.
gun trade insurance

Gun insurance

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, user or enthusiast we can help provide you with specific insurance and risk management advice regardless of the size or complexity of the cover you require.
Gun insurance

Gun trade insurance

As a retailer, repairer, wholesaler or manufacturer of firearms and shooting equipment your insurance cover is critical to your protection. Our team of gun insurance specialists will work closely with you to deliver a tailored solution which meets your specific requirements.