Andy Leigh

I am writing to say how much I appreciate the help that Becci Merry gave me with my insurance claim. I was in a position where nothing was happening and I couldn't get out of the deadlock situation that had arisen. The company who were supposed to be doing the work had an incredibly lackadaisical approach to the whole business and after 6 months the work had not even started. Within two days of asking Becci for help she had contacted everybody involved - insurance company, insurance assessor, work contractors - and things actually started moving. Without her help I am certain I would still be waiting for something to happen, as it is the work has been completed to my satisfaction, and swiftly since Becci got involved. She not only helped but did it in such a cheerful manner that it was a real pleasure to have her on my side. Furthermore, she is not a clock-watcher, it is now 21:30 and I have just received my second email of the evening from her. I've also had some in the early morning from her. Customer service of this level is incredibly rare and I felt it was important to tell you. For her service and help alone I will continue to renew my insurance through your company.