People, not just paperwork

How we helped George get back to what’s important – a thriving holiday business 

Fire shouldn’t be your first concern

For George and his team at Daish’s Holidays, it was far from their minds. Business was thriving and their focus was firmly on serving their customers and providing outstanding all-inclusive trips to popular holiday destinations across England and Wales.

But fire is top of mind for us. So, in 2019, we called on our years of expertise to lighten their burden and give them the protection they needed.

When disaster struck, we were there

In November 2019, a fire tore through their Claremont Hotel in Eastbourne, burning all weekend and completely devastating their hotel which dates back to the 1850s. This wasn’t just a financial blow – it was a major personal trauma to them, their staff, their guests and the local community.

This emotional impact is just as important to us as the paperwork. We knew, as a local employer and a prominent feature of the Eastbourne Grand Parade, that they were an integral part of their local community, so helping them was a top priority.

When having an expert team in your corner really helps

There were lots of factors that could have made this a complete nightmare for George, like the fact that the hotel was a listed building, and the emergency services had to close the Grand Parade promenade affecting local traffic and traders in the community. But within an hour of being notified about the fire, our team was in contact with George and his executive team, helping them get their claim moving so they could get back to business.

Our expert claims consultant took control directing all the various parties on their behalf including:

  • Insurer
  • Highways Agency
  • Emergency services
  • Heritage England
  • Staff and guests

Taking care of his staff was of vital importance to George. With the festive season coming up, the last thing they wanted was to lay off staff, so we arranged with the insurer to keep their staff on until February and arranged interim payments to help them take care of their staff’s loss of possessions.

As part of their insurance plan, we’d built in crisis management – because you never know what may happen to your business. This simple addition defended them from some aggressive local news coverage claiming asbestos was present and putting the community at risk, protecting their business’s reputation and allaying fears in the local community.

It will take several years to rebuild, but we will be with them every step of the way.

Insurance may not be your top priority, but you can rest assured, your business is ours.

Some takeaways:

  • 1 hour - The time it took our Exeter office to assemble all the relevant experts across the business needed to support them
  • 24 hours - The time it took to get their claim moving
  • Crisis Management - Built into their insurance policy protected their business reputation and relationship with the local community