Emerging technology and the risks you face

In an age of disruption, technology companies are consistently at the forefront of innovation – either as developers or early major adopters. Technology is now a dominant force across the sector spectrum. British tech is growing over one-and-a-half times faster than the rest of the economy adding more than £130 billion to our economy every year. 

But as the tech sector rapidly evolves, the concerns are rising equally as fast. The already well-established tech skills shortage, changing working models and extended supply chains are creating a raft of issues. For organisations outsourcing their IT, the resource may be offloaded, but their liabilities are not. So too, with more big brand tech companies employing the skills of more nimble businesses (and freelancers), the contractual liabilities and threats are very real and often misunderstood.

Our agile insurance consultants are on hand to protect the innovators of tomorrow demonstrating global thought leadership with digital delivery; fuelled by passion for the industry.

Uncovering the complexities of risk in tech

The state of UK Tech Risk 2020 eBook explores the investment, innovation and emerging risks in the technology sector. Get up to date, understand your risks, and learn how to protect, and futureproof your business. 

Specialist insurance that’s as agile and adaptable as you

Learn more about our flexible approach and our passion and knowledge for the tech sector which enables us to advise across the entire spectrum of risk services, including specific projects, risk categories, or challenges.

Risk management

Being in the tech business is sometimes about taking risks. To be successful you need risk management. Having an understanding of the risks that your business is likely to face is a key step towards success and we can help you achieve this.

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