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Although the form and severity will change, your business will always face risks. To keep your business thriving and not just surviving, you need to be aware of these risks. Being aware and making a plan to prevent risks or to get back on track after they occur is vital.

Findings from our 2021 UK SME Risk Report show that the majority of businesses intend to increase their investment in risk management. The recent global pandemic and its continued fallout show us why this is necessary. But not all businesses have an understanding of risk management and what's included. The risks you may need to manage and address include: internal risks like taking out the right insurance cover; people risks like ensuring the wellbeing and good mental health of your employees; and external risks like hackers.

Evolving from surviving to thriving

Risk Management: being aware of the risks your business is likely to face and making a plan, either to to prevent them or get back on track after they happen.

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Supporting your strongest asset
Defence in a new digital landscape

The reliance your business has on technology and digital processes will undoubtedly have grown. In parallel, the risks faced by businesses relying on digital technology and data have also increased.

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Adapting to the 'new normal'

In these extraordinary times, businesses owners have, and continue to, battle unprecedented challenges in the face of a global pandemic, facing risks we’ve never seen before in the process.

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Building resilience to Brexit

Brexit negotiations are still ongoing, and the aftershocks are still being felt, leaving UK business owners uncertain of the true impact Brexit will have on their organisations.

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  • Make your business more resilient 

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"You're going to want to listen to this panel, because it's going to help you for the future and what's ahead of you in the areas of risk, claims, and frankly, how better to be a leader." Anthony C. Gruppo, former CEO of Marsh Commercial.

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“Our insurance requirements for minimising risk for expeditions are complex and Sam navigated the best options for us with efficiency and professionalism.”

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