Case Study - Holly Hedge

In time for our ‘For the People Awards 2021’ we wanted to get in touch with last year’s winners and catch up to see how they’ve been since their win in 2020 and how the prize has money impacted their chosen charity. We spoke to Hannah Goodwin-Sharman from Holly Hedge who won the ‘Highly Commended’ in the Business Category.

When notified about their win Hannah said, “This is life changing for us, and at such a difficult time for our charity this truly means the world. We are deeply grateful to you all, and Marsh Commercial, for believing in our work and helping us continue to be there for hundreds of animals to come.’’

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Barrow Gurney,opened its gates to unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated animals in March 1992. The aim and ethos here at Holly Hedge is simple; to ‘Provide shelter from harm and the promise of a brighter future’.

Throughout lockdown, Holly Hedge never stopped rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating so they could be there for cats and dogs displaced by the virus. Even in the national lockdown, they continued to match vulnerable people at risk of loneliness with their rescues. Holly Hedge continues to be there for every animal who needs them.

Hannah was also kind enough to share a story with us about one of Holly Hedge residents, “Esme was found tied to a tree and had been traumatised by her experience of being abandoned. For a week she wouldn't leave her kennel and would tremble every time anyone walked by. She had no collar or microchip, and they couldn’t find any missing posters for her. She has made huge progress after many weeks of slowly building trust (and treats). She is a sweetheart, and is grateful to have a space where she could feel safe and learn to trust people slowly, and has made lots of doggy friends who make her feel more confident. She says thank you for caring about her and all her rescue friends at Holly Hedge!”

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