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In time for our ‘For the People Awards 2021’ we wanted to get in touch with last year’s winner and catch up to see how they’ve been since their win in 2020 and how the prize money has impacted their chosen charity. We spoke to Kathleen O’Connor from Eat Well MCR who won in the Business Category.

Reflecting on their win Kathleen said, “It was wonderful to win, not only was it a great opportunity to use the prize money to improve the work we’re already doing, but also a great platform to share our story with more people.”

Since April 2020, Eat Well MCR has provided over 40,000 chef made meals to people living with economic deprivation and associated challenges across Greater Manchester. They partner with local grassroots organisations that understand where the meals are needed most: children and families experiencing homelessness, women taking refuge in sheltered accommodation, food-banks looking after families and single parents needing a helping hand. They also work together with schools where students’ families are experiencing food poverty and inequality.

Eat Well MCR food provides comfort and an emotional lift during difficult times. This might be a delivery of hot pizzas from Honest Crust, fish and chips from the Hip Hop Chip shop, a two course meal from Hawksmoor, or a freshly prepared meal, ready to be heated up and enjoyed made by an acclaimed Manchester chef.

The £5,000 prize money will be used to purchase an appropriate van to help Kathleen and her team with meal deliveries. As they haven’t found the right fit just yet, the money is ring-fenced in their account for when the right one is found.

When asked to share any tips and tricks with future entrants, Kathleen said, “We promoted our video as much as possible. We asked friends, family and our supporters to like the video to give us a good chance to present to the interview panel.’’

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