Book of smiles

Marsh Commercial would like to take this opportunity to make you smile...

Making people smile is what the Book of Smiles is all about. Smiling faces of colleague’s children, a touch of poetry, along with a pet gallery and puzzle pages. Its aim is to brighten up the day of people who cannot get out or have visitors. The Book of Smiles and video will be circulated to care homes and alike, across the UK.

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While the original idea was to help brighten up those who are in care homes, we want to use the Book of Smiles to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Download and print the book of smiles

Also please feel free to download and print the book of smiles.

Let us take the opportunity to make you smile

Find out more about the Book of Smiles by visiting marshcommercial.co.uk/campaigns/book-of-smiles