Travelling safely with your jewellery

Going on holiday is always a wonderful thing to plan for, but in our excitement we can often forget to insure precious items such as valuable jewellery adequately whilst away. We often create a considerable amount of emotional attachment to our jewellery, particularly if it’s been inherited or gifted by family members. This is why it’s important to have
travel insurance for expensive jewellery.

It is worth checking with your provider whether your precious items remain covered as you travel the world and whether any clauses or terms apply that could leave you without cover. By speaking to an insurance broker with the expertise in covering jewellery correctly, you can rest assured that you have the right cover in place.

Keeping your jewellery secure

You’ve got your jewellery cover in place and now it’s time to go on your travels. Before you go, follow these steps below to keep your jewellery secure:

  • Take pictures of the jewellery you’re taking with you. This way you have evidence should it need to be referred to.1
  • If you’re flying abroad, pack your jewellery into your hand luggage and keep this on you. Your checked in luggage can be searched during security checks, so could be at risk of theft.1
  • Consider where you are going to leave your jewellery when you are not wearing it whilst travelling away from home to ensure it’s covered. Check with your broker if you are in doubt as to what your insurer classes as a safe place to leave your possessions.

Crime such as pickpocketing is common in many places all over the world. When in bustling areas follow these steps to help keep your jewellery secure:

  • If wearing a necklace, tuck this under your top or cover with a scarf.
  • If you have an expensive watch or bracelet, pull your sleeve down over it.
  • If wearing a valuable ring, spin the ring round so the diamond is in your palm and only the band is on show.2
  • Be wary of ‘flashing’ your jewellery so you don’t draw attention to yourself.

Ultimately, you want peace of mind that your jewellery can travel safely with you wherever. Check with your broker for reassurance before you travel, that your jewellery is covered abroad by your insurer and if there are any safety precautions you can take. You can then enjoy your travels with peace of mind that your jewellery is secure and protected by your insurer.



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