Technology in transportation

Thanks to recent advances in technology, the future of transportation is beginning to look very different. With the introduction of intelligent and connected systems, we have a real opportunity to lower the cost of journeys and make our roads safer.

That's great news. Especially if you consider that in 2015, 22,144 people were seriously injured in vehicle collisions1. But before we all rush to buy a fleet of computer-driven vehicles, it's worth considering the benefits and the risks we might see from this transportation revolution.

A bonus for fleet managers

There are a number of advantages to running a connected or autonomous fleet. As well as an improvement in road safety, you're likely to see:

  • More efficient journeys
    Computer-driven vehicles are able to respond to traffic conditions and if necessary, re-plan a route using live traffic updates.
  • Less pollution
    It will be safer for vehicles to drive closer together and this will help reduce congestion and emissions.
  • Intelligent information
    You'll have access to data from on-board systems, providing you with insights into driving patterns, vehicle condition, idle times and fuel consumption.

But it's not risk-free

As with any other technological advancement, if you move to a fleet of autonomous vehicles, you'll have to overcome a few new challenges:

  • Liability
    If one of your vehicles is involved in a collision, who will be at fault? It's still a bit of a grey area whether the blame will lie with the operator, manufacturer or software developer.
  • Cyber attack
    As autonomous and connected vehicles rely on satellite navigation signals and a connected transport infrastructure, this could make them a target for hackers.

  • Data security
    With so much data available on each car and driver, there will be a legal issue around what data can be stored and how it can be used.

Our recent white paper, 'Technology in Transportation', goes into much more detail about the changes we're likely to see in this area – you can read the full report here Technology in Transportation. You might also want to take a look at our useful infographic, or find out more by contacting your usual Jelf consultant.

technology in transportation infographic


Connected & Autonomous Vehicles – Introducing the Future of Mobility, Atkins 2016