Protect your keyless car

Keyless car security

If you have a vehicle equipped with a keyless system, or are thinking about buying one, it makes sense to think about how you can keep your vehicle safe. So what are keyless systems and what do they do?

Keyless technology allows a car to be unlocked and started when the key is within a certain distance. The problem for drivers of these vehicles is that by using a remote key thieves can extend the range of an owner’s key giving them easy access to the car. In fact one victim after watching the theft on her CCTV said it took only 30 seconds for the thieves to gain access and steal her car1.

But where does the source of the problem lie? Well primarily it’s because the criminal market have access to the same technology as the manufacturers! A criminal can easily hack a keyless car entry system by using tech that they find online. Following tests by The German Automotive Organisation, Mercedes, Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Jaguar were among a number of manufacturers who had certain models of their car unlocked by a simple homemade electronic device2.

How to protect your car from theft

There are plenty of easy measures you can take, to stop your vehicle falling into the wrong hands.

  • Consider where you park
    If you have access to a garage it makes sense to use it. This will make it much harder for thieves to break into a garage as well as your car.
  • Steel Box to cover on-board diagnostics (OBD) Port
    This stops a car thief gaining access to your car’s diagnostics. You should also consider fitting an immobiliser, as even if a thief can gain access to your car it will make it very difficult for them to drive the car away.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking Devices
    Though not preventative, it makes it far easier for your car to be tracked if it’s stolen. Your car can be detected if it’s hidden in an underground car park, or even a shipping container.
  • Keep your car’s software up-to-date 
    It’s also worth remembering to keep your car’s software up-to-date. This a simple way to reduce the likelihood of cyber-attacks — and therefore actual physical theft. And this will become ever more important, as technology continues to advance.

Don’t forget to check your car insurance policy. You need to check that you are adequately covered, and if there are any security conditions you need to follow to ensure your cover is valid.