Legal update: Victory for workers as tribunal fees are scrapped

On Wednesday 26th July, Unison reported that they had won a landmark victory against the government. A victory which decided employment tribunal fees will be scrapped.

Since July 2013, an employee who wanted to bring a claim against their employer would have faced tribunal fees up to £1,200. This large sum of money will have discouraged and in some cases prevented a claim being made all together.

Why does it matter to you?

It has now become easier than ever for employees to make a case against their employer. Employees will no longer face a fee barrier. As part of the ruling, the government will have to refund over £27million to those who have paid the fees over the past four years.

If you have questions about employment law, contact our risk management team. We could help prevent employment issues going to tribunal. We can also offer employment practices liability insurance to cover legal and compensation costs, as well as representation for those cases that do go to tribunal.

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