Inspection of plant, machinery and lifting equipment during the pandemic

The following information will help you to prevent a breach of your inspection contract.

If you own and/or operate plant, machinery or lifting equipment, you should be aware that inspection of this equipment is a statutory requirement.

If you have elected to purchase an Inspection Service Contract to comply with this requirement, please read the following important information;

Plant/machinery inspections during lockdown

Inspection Service Contracts may list plant/machinery with inspection dates that are due for inspection during lockdown. During this period your Inspection Service Provider will be providing services in line with the restrictions set by the UK and Irish Governments and in accordance with guidance by HSE*, HSA and SAFed.

  • Essential/Critical Businesses
    Inspection Services may be available, provided an authorised “duty holder” within the business supports the Inspection Service Provider by making reasonable efforts to arrange for an inspection, and is able to demonstrate compliance with all relevant health & safety guidelines.
  • Non-Essential/Critical Businesses
    Please note the following statement from the HSE, which applies to all non-essential/critical business during this outbreak, even if closed.

    “If your business is not currently operating and staff are furloughed, consider allowing access to the inspection body so that equipment is ready for when your business reopens. Otherwise you may have to delay restarting that equipment until it has been subjected to a thorough examination and test.”

*The HSE website contains useful information including full details of which industry sectors are deemed essential/critical. Read the HSE operating guidelines here…

Overdue plant/machinery inspections

It is a statutory requirement for inspections to be completed.

Due to lockdown restrictions, your Inspection Service Provider may be unable to attend your premises. This may result to your items of plant not being inspected within the required timeline. In this instance plant/machinery cannot be used until there is a valid inspection completed.

If your business remains closed and items of plant are overdue the required inspection date, you will not be in contravention of any laws as long as you do not use or operate the plant until the inspection is completed. Upon reopening any plant/machinery cannot be used until there is a valid inspection completed.

Please contact your usual broker contact for more guidance as required.

Self service via portals

A number of Inspection Service Providers offer clients the option to self-service inspection via their online Portal Service. If you already have access to your providers portal please use this to control the arrangements for your items of plant/machinery.

If you would like more information regarding your insurer portal please click on the respective link below;

If your inspection provider does not appear above and you would like to discuss your inspection contract please contact your usual broker contact.

Information from inspection service providers

For more information on services available from a number of Inspection Service Providers please use the links below or contact your usual broker contact for more information if required.


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