GDPR and Cyber Security Seminar (Hull)

Following hugely positive feedback from our last GDPR and Cyber event (held in Grimsby) we have decided to repeat this again in Hull. We have an excellent range of speakers helping you to be compliant with GDPR and prepare for cyber security risks.


Wednesday 18 April 2018


Registration from 09:30
Concludes: 13:00
Refreshments and lunch will be provided


IT@Spectrum, The View, Bridgehead Business Park, Hessle, Hull HU13 0GD



Start at 10am with lunch at 12pm.

Understanding Cyber Threats - the Human Firewall

Norman Mortell, Managing Director, Agenda Screening Services

We all know somebody that has been affected by cybercrime. We can't ignore it anymore.

Norman will discuss the common methods used by cyber criminals, and why we need to change our approach to cybercrime; so you know what to do when it happens.

He will also discuss how you can reduce these risks through the 'Human Firewall' - your own staff.

Complying with GDPR

Gareth Yates, Partner, WardHadaway

From the 25th May 2018, your business will need to comply with the new, and far stricter, data protection requirements of GDPR.

Ensuring your business is compliant with the new law will require you to understand the new provisions and how best to apply them in practice.

There is an awful lot of noise and misinformation about what will be required of businesses. Gareth will tell you all you need to know


Gemma Sword-Williams ACII, Insurance Account Executive, Jelf

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing economic crimes in the UK. Every business is a target.

But cybercrime isn’t the only risk, with many breaches caused by accidents or human error. Whatever the cause, the results of cyber incidents can be extreme.

Gemma will look at how cyber insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected. Protecting your reputation and balance sheet.

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch and Networking


Contact Lorna Feeney for more details:
Email: Lorna.Feeney@jelfgroup.com