Effective employee wellbeing management

Effective management of your employee wellbeing is essential to the health of your staff and will help keep your business health too. It is therefore imperative to strike the right balance between mitigating the risks that you need to manage and costs.

Many companies focus their efforts and budget on putting effective policies in place to support their employees’ wellbeing. This can be expensive and is only likely to become increasingly so over the long term as people live longer, health is in decline and the working population is getting older.

What we do

We can help deliver a strategy for your business that finds the right balance between costs and risk management.

Using what we call the ‘Employee Wellbeing Management Cycle’ we will help you achieve the appropriate level of focus on Prevention, Intervention and Protection to maximise the physical wellbeing of your employees.

Prevention – Identify potential problems and take action to stop issues arising.

Intervention – Take prompt action to prevent problems affecting employees and your business.

Protection – Put adequate policies in place to support your staff as quickly as possible and understand exactly what is included and make this available to them.


Find the right balance

By changing your approach from the security of high cost protection the lower cost prevention and investing in educating and engaging your employees, you can maximise your risk management whilst helping to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Many policies offer additional features that may strengthen your health and wellbeing offering, so it is worthwhile understanding exactly what your policies will provide.


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