UPDATE on temporarily closed premises due to COVID-19 lockdowns

At the beginning of January 2021, the UK Government announced a further national lockdown in England, which commenced immediately, and at that point in time, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland had already introduced their own restrictions & regulations.

Unlike the original lockdown in Spring 2020, very few insurers have allowed any flexibility in respect of temporarily closed premises, and have adopted the stance that their normal unoccupancy terms & policy conditions must apply. There are good reasons for this, namely:-

a) the fact that differing approaches being adopted by England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, mean that restrictions and timetables can vary between trades and geographical area;

(b) we are at the coldest part of the year where bad weather & freezing temperatures can significantly increase the risk of wet perils damage to property.

(c) reduced daylight hours increases the risk of theft and arson losses as well.

We would therefore encourage all policyholders to contact their Account Manager, Client Advisor, or Account Executive if they cannot comply with the standard unoccupancy terms and conditions of their policy, or if they have any other concerns/questions relating to premises closure.