Let’s celebrate national technology day

From the wheel to smart phones, technology has been changing the world. Tomorrow on 6th January we celebrate those achievements and look to the future of technology on National Technology Day.

These days, we rely on technology for a multitude of purposes, from keeping us organised and connected to maintaining our health and safety. And this is becoming more and more prevalent within businesses.

When you consider that over the next 5 to 10 years the graduates who have grown up with Facebook and Twitter will start to lead corporate UK, and they will expect modern technology as a matter of course.

So what does technology have to do with employee benefits? Well these days technology has a massive part to play in helping to deliver a successful employee benefits strategy – be it a useful tool for your employees to better manage their money, to a flexible benefits platform to deliver your employee benefits.

Here are just some examples of how technology can help:

Flexible benefits platform – Choosing the right benefits for your employees is one thing but delivering a successful employee benefits strategy is about understanding the complete picture and delivering it in a personalised way so that it resonates with each and every individual in your business. Flexible benefits technology can allow total personalisation so that each employee can view their own benefits ‘package’ and receive timely reminders on benefit windows to make the most of the benefits available. You can also access regular, tailored Management Information (MI) to quickly and easily monitor performance against your key performance indicators to determine the success of your benefits programme.

Wearable technology – This popular technology, with brands such as Fitbit, is having a positive impact on employee wellbeing with employers using this to encourage their staff to improve their health and lifestyle.

Online financial education – It may not be something you think of as being an employee benefit, but financial education can reduce stress, improve employee wellbeing and help employees understand the other benefits that your offer. Face-to-face financial education is just as valuable, but online education allows individuals to get help as and when they need it and on the topics with which they need help.