Are your Christmas presents insured?

Are you telling Santa or your insurance broker what you want for Christmas? No unfortunately your insurance broker can’t start checking off your Christmas wish list (it would be good if they could). However they are worth bearing in mind. Once you have bought or received a gift of significant value you should let your insurance broker know as your shiny new bauble or state of the art tech may need to be included in your home contents insurance policy. Most insurers will allow for a 5-10% uplift in contents at this time of year but it’s always best to ensure you are correctly covered.

This is one of the busiest times of year for a lot of families, but unfortunately it’s also a hotspot for crime such as burglary and theft. Over the last three years burglary reports have risen by 6% in England and Wales1  while the number of Christmas burglaries have increased by more than 20%2  between 2014 to 2016.

‘Tis the season to reduce Christmas burglary by tightening up your home security.

  • Make your home look as if it’s occupied by leaving lights on, or setting timers so that lights are coming on and going off at set times.
  • Do not place any presents under the Christmas tree until the night before Christmas. If you do have to display presents under the Christmas tree beforehand, make sure they aren’t visible from your windows or draw your curtains when you’re not at home.
  • If possible always leave a car in the driveway. This helps deter a potential burglar when he is making the choice of which home to burgle. A burglar walking down the street is more likely to have a look through the window of a home with no car outside or on the driveway.
  • Remember to set your house alarms if you have them and ensure all windows, doors and gates are secure. Always secure your garden shed or outbuilding like you would your home as most garden sheds contain the tools required for a burglar to enter your home. Take note of any serial and model numbers of the gifts you have purchased to help police track them should they be stolen.
  • After Christmas day make sure that all wrapping paper, empty packages and boxes are disposed of and out of sight, taking care not to advertise what you have in your home.
  • Consider what you post on social media, who are you telling about your new presents or the fact that you are about to go on a Christmas getaway? In a survey undertaken by Friedland of 50 ex-criminals, 78% believe that burglars are using social networking sites to identify when home owners are out of town3.

As you and your family get into the festive spirit it’s crucial that you stay security aware to prevent the risk of theft.


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