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Managing Risk in Farming eBook

Supporting the farming community across the UK, our farming experts take a pragmatic look at the latest issues at play in farming today and tomorrow. We explore how farm and estate owners and managers can identify and reduce the risks to their businesses and livelihoods.

For the People Awards 2020

We have our winners! Following a public vote, our awards panel had the privilege of meeting (virtually!) a shortlist of genuinely inspirational businesses and individuals – people who have given their time and energy to help support their local communities in the past year. 

Here for Rosanne

Our client Rosanne was enjoying a profitable summer season, in the seaside town of Margate. Disaster struck when she suffered a leak in the roof of her family arcade business following a heavy storm. The call came in just before close of play on a Friday evening.

Here for George

A fire tore through our client's Claremont Hotel in Eastbourne, completely devastating their hotel which dates back to the 1850s. This wasn’t just a financial blow – it was a major personal trauma to them, their staff, their guests and the local community.

Backing you to succeed

“Our insurance requirements for minimising risk for expeditions are complex and Sam navigated the best options for us with efficiency and professionalism.”

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